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Wonderful store for anyone who likes alternative (goth) clothing and accessories. The store is crammed to the gills with as much stuff as humanely possible to fit in such a small space, but this just means they have more variety.

The staff is always extremely helpful and kind, and I've rarely had a better shopping experience.

May Ree

Lots of choices and very friendly staff!

Nancy Lamontagne

Lots of choices!
Good service!!

Charlotte Lemieux

Amazing service, well
organized, clean fitting rooms and many MANY options for alternative clothes! Definetly
recommend to shop for closet staples.

Adam Clark

Wonderful stock, friendly
staff, met nice people, gosh this place was awesome.

/!\ Electriko Gacha /!\

Very cool metal/gothic
shop. They got lot of stuff to offer, see photos. Very nice selection of bags,
cloaks and coats, just anything you think of :) highly recommended

Ondřej Krpeš

Really cool shop. The choice of articles is very varied there is something for all tastes and all occasions! The prices are a little high but it's the style and the quality that dictates that. The sellers are really nice and there to help find the little nugget you've been looking for for ages! I recommend 100%.

Anais Maloid

Excellent shop for anyone looking for clothes in the punk-rock and visual-kei style. Relatively affordable prices, very helpful and helpful staff.

Philippe Laurin

Great shop, nice people and cool clothes! I remember going when I was more goth, and its even better now than it was 15 years ago!

Jon Keane

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